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Whisk(e)y Collectors; Is your collection valuable enough for the Whisky Vault? – Whisky News

2019 . 09 . 21

Whisk(e)y Collectors; Is your collection valuable enough for the Whisky Vault?

Since our Whisky Vault launch in October 2018, whisky collectors have asked us to develop a larger vault to hold more bottles. Less than a year later, we are now ready to deliver. Introducing the handcrafted Whisky Vault GRAND with two large bulletproof windows, double vault doors with LaGard electronic locks, machined aluminum tri-spoke handles and enough space to hold a collection of 180+ bottles on four shelves. Our question back to the whisky collectors; “is your collection worthy of such a beast?” This impenetrable vault showcases your most precious bottles securely and in style. Weighing 2000 pounds, the Grand is the only whisky security display option on the market for large collections.

Most whisky collectors hide their bottles in closets, boxes, storage rooms etc. and often forget what they actually have in their collection. The Whisky Vault is a secure cabinet where prized bottles can be proudly displayed. Showcase your collection, don’t hide it. What will you put in your Whisky Vault?

Available Vault Sizes;
Whisky Vault VIP (21 bottles in the vault behind 19 mm bulletproof glass + 21 bottles in the lower solid teak cabinet) US$6,000
308 lbs / 140 kgs / Leveling Casters
Whisky Vault LUX (54 bottles in the vault behind 19 mm bulletproof glass + 54 bottles in the lower solid teak cabinet) US$15,000
648 lbs / 294 kgs / Leveling Casters
Whisky Vault GRAND (180+ bottles) behind 32 mm bulletproof glass US$28,000
2000 lbs / 907 kgs
The Whisky Vault can also be CUSTOM built to specific measurements – Contact us for evaluation and quote.

Hand airbrushed artwork available and priced separately.

The Whisky Vault VIP is perfect for that corner office. Stock the office with your favorite scotch or bourbon without worrying about the cleaning staff sipping on your hooch after hours. A conversation piece for the boss that has almost everything. A corporate gift that will amaze even the most senior VIP.

Whisky Vault LUX is for that whisky collector with a decent amount of bottles who thinks he knows enough about single malt and single barrel booze to justify a bulletproof cabinet to impress his friends during poker night. The LUX has dual vault door access and a hand finished solid teak lower cabinet. You will be the envy of the entire neighborhood.

Whisky GRAND is the beast that needs no introduction. Protect all your valuable bottles in one secure vault. Check with your structural engineer to ensure the floor can handle the GRAND, weighing 2000 pounds. The ultimate statement piece.

Whisky Vault VIP available through http://www.whiskyvault.tw/ and https://uncrate.com/whiskey-vault/
Whisky Vault LUX and GRAND available directly through http://www.whiskyvault.tw/

Order your patented Whisky Vault today and get on the waiting list; 8 – 12 weeks delivery depending on the vault size and customization required.

Starting September 2nd through September 16th, 2019, mention Whisky Intelligence with the purchase of any Whisky Vault when ordering through whiskyvault.tw and receive a $500 gift certificate to Wally’s in Santa Monica, California (US Residents Only). Taiwan residents receive a free bottle of Yamazaki 18 year old when mentioning Whisky Intelligence with the purchase of any Whisky Vault. Offer ends September 16, 2019 and is only available through whiskyvault.tw

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