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The Whisky Vault Displays And Protects Your Best Whisky

2019 . 03 . 14

Collecting whisky is a relatively new phenomenon. There are those who collect their favorite brands to share the experience with friends, and those who collect rare bottles with anticipation value will skyrocket in the future. Either way, whisky can be true artwork in a bottle and often even the bottles themselves are worth displaying in high-end furniture like this whisky vault.

The Whisky Vault both displays and protects your best whisky

A valuable whisky collection should be well protected

The Whisky Vault provides a high level of security for your most valuable bottles. It’s built with a solid steel plate construction, bullet-proof glass, and a tri-spoke handle machined from aircraft aluminum. It also has an UL Certified LA GARD electronic locking system and sits on a solid wood cabinet with 800kg capacity leveling casters. Each vault is individually numbered and custom built to order.

Prices start at US$6000

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The Whisky Vault both displays and protects your best whisky

“…I searched everywhere for a secure cabinet to display top shelf whisky without worrying about bottles going missing or accidentally being opened by friends or relatives (which has happened). With the cooperation of eight extremely reliable factories, I was able to bring my design and concept to fruition. The ultimate whisky cabinet was built without compromise.” – The Whisky Vault company

(Adapted from the website of oldnewsclub.com)